Rock Up, East Riding

Rock Up, Hull

Situated in the heart of Hull, Rock Up presents a world where climbing enthusiasts, regardless of their expertise level, can delve into their passion. The facility boasts numerous climbing walls, each meticulously designed to offer unique challenges.

Themes and Challenges

What sets Rock Up apart is its themed walls. From neon landscapes to intricate patterns, climbers find themselves engrossed in not just the challenge of climbing but also the story each wall tells.

These themes cater to a diverse age group, ensuring even the youngest climbers have a wall to conquer.

Safety and Guidance

Prioritising safety, Rock Up ensures that every climber is well-protected and confident during their ascent. With the latest safety equipment in place and the watchful eyes of experienced staff, climbers can focus solely on their adventure.

For beginners keen to embrace this thrilling sport, there are beginner-friendly sessions, complete with comprehensive guidance, to help them start on the right foot.

Beyond Climbing

While climbing is the main draw, Rock Up complements its climbing experience with an array of other attractions. A dedicated soft play area for children, a café serving refreshments, and spaces for parties or group events ensure that visitors can make a day of their visit.

Community and Events

Rock Up, Hull, elevates the indoor climbing experience by seamlessly blending sport, art and community. It stands as a testament to how adventure can be crafted indoors, offering an exhilarating escape in the heart of the city.

Address – St Stephen’s Shopping Centre, 110 Ferensway, Hull, HU2 8LN
Telephone – 01482 968 000

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