Streetlife Museum, East Riding

Streetlife Museum of Transport, Hull

The museum’s charm lies not just in its exhibits but also in its presentation. With recreated street scenes, complete with authentic shop fronts, lampposts, and cobbled pathways, it provides a vivid backdrop to the historic vehicles on display.

From Hooves to Horsepower

The museum celebrates the evolution of transportation, starting with horse-drawn carriages, carts, and trams. These elegant vehicles, meticulously restored, recount tales of a time when horsepower was literal.

The Advent of Motor Vehicles

As the era of motorisation dawned, vehicles underwent radical transformations. The museum showcases an impressive collection of early motor cars, bicycles, and motorbikes, tracing the trajectory of automotive innovation.

Railways and Beyond

The allure of the railways is encapsulated in the museum’s section dedicated to trains and trams. With detailed models and life-sized carriages, it highlights the significance of railways in transforming travel and trade.

Sounds of the Street

What sets the Streetlife Museum apart is its sensory experience. Periodic sounds – from the clip-clop of horse hooves to the hoot of early car horns – resonate throughout, enhancing the museum’s atmospheric setting.

Interactive Engagement

The museum believes in tactile learning. Visitors have the opportunity to board select vehicles, participate in interactive displays, and engage with audio-visual narratives, ensuring an enriching experience.

Celebrating Hull’s Transport Legacy

Beyond the vehicles, the museum also delves into Hull’s transport history, chronicling the city’s evolution as a transport hub and its contribution to the broader UK transport narrative.

Educational Outreach

Regular workshops, guided tours, and educational programmes make the museum a hotspot for school excursions and academic explorations.

To sum up, the Streetlife Museum of Transport isn’t just a repository of vehicles; it’s a dynamic space where history comes alive, offering a multisensory journey through the annals of transport.

Address – High St, Hull, HU1 1PS
Telephone – 01482 300300

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