The Deep, East Riding

The Deep, Hull

Poised majestically at the meeting point of the River Hull and the Humber Estuary, The Deep isn’t just a typical aquarium. With its striking, angular design, this futuristic building merges effortlessly with Hull’s skyline.

This architectural masterpiece is symbolic of an iceberg, reflecting the mystery and depth of our oceans. From the outside, the building evokes intrigue, a sentiment that carries through as one steps inside.

Dive into Ancient Oceans

Begin your exploration with a glimpse into ancient oceans. This exhibit is an atmospheric journey through time, showcasing how marine life has evolved over millions of years.

The Lagoon of Light

The Lagoon of Light, a vast and vibrant tank, replicates a tropical lagoon. Housing a colourful medley of marine life, it features stunning corals, graceful stingrays, and small reef sharks. The tranquillity of this lagoon juxtaposed against its burst of colour is a visual delight.

Kingdom of Sharks: Majesty of the Deep

A visit to The Deep is incomplete without exploring its impressive shark collection. Home to various species, including the Sand Tiger Sharks, it provides an immersive experience, especially as one walks through the underwater tunnel.

Observing these magnificent creatures glide above, with their sheer size and grace, is nothing short of mesmerising.

Deep Blue One

An extension of the shark exhibit, Deep Blue One houses species that live alongside these apex predators. From Moray Eels to Barracudas, it underscores the diversity of marine habitats.

The Twilight Zone

Beyond the reach of sunlight lies the ocean’s twilight zone, a realm of darkness, cold, and mystery. This section introduces visitors to creatures that thrive in such challenging conditions.

Bioluminescent organisms, which produce their own light, and peculiar deep-sea fish are the highlights here, showcasing nature’s adaptability.

Interactive Explorations

The Deep takes pride in its hands-on approach. Interactive touchpools allow visitors to feel starfish and crabs, while dynamic visual displays bring to life complex concepts of marine biology, making learning accessible and fun.

Endangered Species and Conservation

Conservation underpins The Deep’s ethos. An entire section is dedicated to endangered species, aiming to raise awareness about the fragile state of many marine ecosystems.

The commitment to conservation extends beyond displays; The Deep actively participates in global marine conservation projects, breeding programs, and research initiatives.

Research at The Deep

Being at the forefront of marine biology research, The Deep houses its research centre. Collaborating with global institutions and marine biologists, it aims to further the understanding of marine ecosystems and the threats they face.

Visitors can gain insights into ongoing projects, reinforcing the idea that The Deep is more than just an aquarium.

Education and Outreach

With its myriad of workshops, educational programs, and outreach initiatives, The Deep is a hub for knowledge dissemination. It’s not uncommon to see school groups engrossed in guided tours, benefiting from the aquarium’s rich resources.

Cool Seas and Coral Reefs

Dedicated to the colder parts of our oceans, the Cool Seas exhibit educates about the ecosystems in these chilly waters and the challenges of global warming. On the other hand, the coral reef section is a riot of colours, hosting diverse species that rely on these delicate systems.

Amazon Flooded Forest

Simulating the Amazon’s flooded forests, this section introduces the freshwater world’s wonders. From catfish to piranhas, the array of species and the recreated habitat transport visitors to the heart of the Amazon.

The Deep’s Role in the Community

Beyond being a major attraction, The Deep plays a pivotal role in Hull’s community. Hosting events, lectures, and special exhibitions, it remains an epicentre for marine education and awareness.

The Deep is an institution dedicated to the celebration, study, and conservation of the world’s oceans. Every corner, every display, and every initiative reiterates its mission, making a visit to The Deep a profound and enriching experience.

Address – Tower Street, Hull, HU1 4DP
Telephone – 01482 381000

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