Yorkshire Wolds Way, East Riding

Filey Brigg

Originating from the Ice Age, the Yorkshire Wolds are primarily chalk landscapes, lending a distinctive character to the region. Walking the Wolds Way means treading on ancient grounds, where every step narrates a tale of geological marvel.

From Hessle to Filey Brigg

Traversing the Wolds Way is like leafing through a picturesque album of Yorkshire. The journey starts at the Humber Estuary in Hessle, with its magnificent views of the Humber Bridge, and concludes at the dramatic Filey Brigg, a peninsula jutting into the North Sea.

Diverse Landscapes Await

Throughout its course, the trail showcases an array of landscapes – from deep-cut valleys known as ‘dales’ to expansive rolling hills. Each turn offers a fresh perspective, ensuring that the journey remains exhilarating from start to finish.

Historical Landmarks En Route

While nature is the main highlight, Wolds Way also boasts of historical gems. From remnants of ancient settlements to grand manor houses, the trail is peppered with sites that echo Yorkshire’s storied past.

Nature’s Bounty

The diverse habitats along the Wolds Way support a rich tapestry of wildlife. Depending on the season, walkers might encounter blooming wildflowers, birds of prey soaring overhead, or even the occasional deer darting through the woods.

Charming Stopovers

Walking the entire length can be demanding. Fortunately, the path is dotted with quaint villages and towns such as Market Weighton Goodmanham.

These provide perfect stopovers for rest, refreshment, and even a brief immersion into local culture.

Endurance and Reward

For many, the Wolds Way is a test of endurance. But with every challenging ascent comes a rewarding view, making the effort entirely worthwhile.

Whether one chooses to tackle the entire length or opt for shorter sections, the experience remains indelibly etched in memory.

The Yorkshire Wolds Way takes you on a journey through the very essence of Yorkshire – its landscapes, history, and spirit. Every step on this trail brings a new discovery, making it an adventure in the truest sense.


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